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Why is my bikes brakes so horrible?

ok, so i have a bmx and its a few years old but i like it. except for the brakes that is. my back brakes dont work at all even though i replaced the pads not to long ago, and i 1 brake pad off my front tire so the metal will rub on the tire so i can actually stop! why are they like this and how can i fix it?


Good brakes require that all components of your brake system work well. The calipers have to be in good condition, pivot points lubricated, cables have to be in good shape and properly routed, and the brake levers have to be in good condition. You may have replaced the pads, but how good are the new ones? Cheap brake pads won't work any better than old ones. Sounds as if your brakes need a good overhaul and adjustment.
May 28, 2018
the pads are the wrong material for the rims or something is on the rims or the pads themselves clean the rims well with windex and if the sound gets even worse then either get different pads or deal with the screeching, i ride the wrong compound pads on my bike, i get loud screams but they give me the best breaking power when i need it
May 28, 2018
As long as they are the same (bias ply, or radial) for both tires, and the tread patterns are simular you should be okay. Also stick with name brand tires-STAY away from cheap brands of tires like Chen Shin (which are great dry weather tires but really suck in wet weather).
May 28, 2018

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