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Why is my car leaking transmission fluid?

I have a 02 Mercury Sable and it is Leaking transmission fluid. The gears are working perfectly, it doesn‘t buck, jerk, nothing! What could the problem be? Thanks!


Why not install a pair of chrome outsider exhaust? They would look REALLY cool on an '83 bird.
Check transmission dip-stick very carefully with warm engine. Make sure car is on the level ground. Let engine idle with newspaper under the leak. Turn off engine, and let car sit overnight to see if ATF leaks from transmission or engine. Try tightening the engine and transmission oil drain plugs. Drain plugs usually have at least one O Ring seal. Some cars have two or three drain plugs. Add ATF to a warm transmission. Make sure of where the oil drip is originating. Check power steering and differential for oil leakage also.
Mufflers must be mounted under body so pipes only go over axle.
better to run a 3 cat converter, 3 flowmaster,and 3 singe exhaust pipe out the back.
Well there are 3 seals that could be a problem. 2 are your axle shaft seals and the other is your pump or torque converter seal. The first 2 are an easy fix, the 3rd requires the trans to be removed.Have it checked and in the mean time , keep an eye on the fluid levels

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