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Why is the slide rail drawer closed? How to avoid?

Why is the slide rail drawer closed? How to avoid?


According to a leading global using pneumatic damper Chinese large slide factory in recently encountered heavy losses, by a large number of product returns, because these problems, closure is not in place in a large drawer or under load, can only be used for small drawers.
In foreign countries, pneumatic dampers seem to be doing well, but in China, many of the skid mills fail because of the high precision required by the pressure dampers and the failure of the manufacturers to break through. Even China's barometric damping hinges meet the same difficulties. I hope China can make a breakthrough in this project in the future. 3., using hydraulic damping rail better effect, this is proved to be a good choice, hydraulic damping rod at both ends sealed case, mature manufacturers of hydraulic damper made more mature. Just as hydraulic hinges are now popular around the world. But the hydraulic damping system is used for the slideway manufacturer, and the utility model solves the problem that the slideway does not leak oil, matches with the spring, closes the strength, and is suitable for pulling the moderate strength slide rail, but the manufacturer can not count a few.
In general, the damping slide at this stage in China, or belong to a high technology, high investment industry, not the accumulation of technology, with more than 10 million investment to develop mature hidden damping slide is not an easy thing.
Therefore, it is recommended that you buy a larger size of the slideway, manufacturers of hydraulic damping rail, mounted in a relatively heavy or relatively long and wide drawer to test its closing performance, so that it will be more insurance. Since that raise the grade of the furniture cabinet, the damping slide, use the cheapest rail manufacturers will be more than ordinary slide on several times more expensive, but has not brought the furniture cabinet to enhance the quality, is a The loss outweighs the gain.."

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