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Why should cosmetics be kept in the refrigerator?

Why should cosmetics be kept in the refrigerator?


Before the storage, the cream should be cleaned with alcohol make-up water or diluted with 75% alcohol. The bottle mouth and the bottle cap are tightly screwed and then put back into the original packing box and stored in the shade (no need to return it to the refrigerator). After this treatment, not only can maintain the quality of products, but also can kill some of the remaining bacteria.The unused skin care products should be kept in a cool, ventilated place or in a dry drawer. Do not touch the sun directly nor can you put it in the bathroom. The maintenance of products in the refrigerator is a wrong way, the low temperature is not only bad for the skin care products, and at the same time, the temperature difference inside and outside the refrigerator, but will lead to early deterioration of skin care products
Skin care products: skin care products can be divided into clean (Cleansing Cream, Jie Fushuang), skin (day, night cream), nourishing skin (mask, essence) and other products, in general, as long as in the shade, can ensure the quality of the products.Make-up water products can be returned to the original packaging box, placed in the bottom of the refrigerator, should not be placed directly on the refrigerator door, because in the opening of a Guanzhong, the exchange of hot and cold air is the most perishable products.
Cosmetics fridge is a misunderstandingUnless you use a special refrigerator for cosmeticsAnd not all cosmetics are suitable for keeping in the refrigerator

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