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Why should the bridge lay a galvanized flat iron?

Whether the construction of the elevator cable is required


Use HDMI interface, HDMI interface is through the output of the sound, as many people use the video card can not output the sound is not set correctly, the current talk about the specific method to install the driver, the device manager will display HDMI audio output, and then Disable the motherboard comes with the sound card, and then 禒 Gong Jia Ge yellow fork in the control panel - the sound option to choose the output of HDM can output the sound. Of course, the use of HDMI cable is also very important, as far as possible the use of large brands of sealed packaging genuine, do not use the so-called work package these, a lot of fake products, pay attention to distinguish. If you are using a DVI-HDMI adapter, use a 24 + 1-pin adapter as much as possible. Use the audio cable, this method is simple and practical, do not need to install the driver, do not need to set, of course, more than HDMI connected to a line to Sony TV that their own mobile phone, the effect of the general. Very simple to find the audio input to the TV, the other end connected to the computer headset interface on it, a line, 2 ends are 3.5mm, very convenient, the price is not expensive, of course, pay attention to the length of the line, Another way is to use the end of the 3.5mm audio cable, the other end of the Lotus AV color line, is the same.
Power line deduction Features: & lt; br & gt; Material construction: UL approved nylon PA66 material, fire rating 94V-

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