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why trains dont use roller coaster system ?

i was wondering why train dont use roller coaster system the roller coaster have a very fast brake even at high speed and it would be better , faster and automatic it is impossible for enginner to do that or what


Some of our trains weigh 20,000 tons. The braking system on a coaster would never work. The weight is just too great. Even if it could grab it hard enough to slow a train down the forces would tear the rail right out from under the train.
May 28, 2018
Because trains don't stop every time at the same places. And one train may weigh thousands of tons more than the next. It would be impossible. Roller coasters use brakes mounted to the track, not the car, and they are not as automatic as you think. The brakes that actually stop the roller coaster are often controlled by the ride operator.
May 28, 2018
Exactly! I have mathematically engineered a way to transport unlimited tonnage with no power at all. The roadbed needs to have a strict 53' 4 and 3/4 inches length. Between crests and into dips. Using 53' cars, all you have to do is get the first one moving down grade. It pulls the one behind up the grade, which pulls down the one behind that is pulling up the one behind it, and so on, like a giant caterpillar, but exponential. The problem is, by the time car 1,041 is added, the train is doing over 6,429 mph. Dunno if your coaster brake will help, but I'll factor it in. I know I'm close. The doctor said so. So. Would that be a wood roller coaster or a steel one? But really, called retarders where I have worked, they are in use all over the place, wherever there is a hump yard. Pneumatically controlled, the are used to slow or stop cars rolling free into what is called a bowl, by clamping onto the wheel at the rail. Cars are pushed over the crest of the hump and are allowed to roll under their own momentum into designated tracks, before being gathered up and put together to form a train, in block, according to destination. And they are painfully loud as the sound can travel for miles. .
May 28, 2018

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