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why won't 2007 bmw factory alarm make audible alert?

unable to activate audible alarm on bmw 328i, no indication that alarm is armed


For sure red curbs give the space stating not to park there but common sense says not to park obstructing a fire hydrant. A fire truck must be able to access the hydrant in an emergency and zero tolerance is granted to those ignoring that rule. If you park near it regularly then I suggest you learn where the 15 foot mark is or park further away from it. Taking the liberty of spray painting a curb will be up to your city council, not you. It is government property and defacing it could give you another fine, whether or not you're right.
This is a hard one. Hockey is more endurance related while in football you need resistance and power. Hockey you have a better chance of getting seriously hurt ( happens more often whether football fans want to believe it or not ), but in football you get pounded to the ground a lot. Football is once a week, hockey is usually 3+ games a week, and you travel ALL the time. That being said, I would have to say hockey just because of how much more grueling it is, and you get hit at what, 40+ miles an hour into a solid surface? Plus you have to constantly block 90 mph pucks. That being said, I think football is an EXTREMELY tough and dangerous sport, but under the circumstances hockey wins by a twinge. It may seem finesse to people who don't watch and understand it, but it's a lot tougher than it looks.
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