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Wierd Insulation in new construction?

I found a new home being built that has a new insulation conceptThe insulation is recycled like the stuff they typically blow into atticsOnly it has an additive added to it, so it gels up and becomes semi firm, but still remains somewhat softIt is NOT the typical foam stuff, this is differentTo install is is sprayed in between the studs and then shaved downThe builder told me this is a new installation methodI'm concerned that over time it could loose its integerityAnyone else heard of this method?


In this case the flame is going away from the tubeThe base of the flame is the relatively cool unburnt gasSo long as the flame is not attached to the plastic it should not meltPVC is itself non combustibleSo it is reasonably safeOne has to be very careful when handling gas flames.
i don't know what rubens tube is but pvc pipe will melt but it takes a while.you can hold a flame near it for several minutes before it will finally melt.that is how we bend pvc for electrical work.holding a torch to it to soften it up
perforated irrigation pipeif you have something carrying the current of gas all the way to the holes it shouldnt be a probbut thats more work.anything will workit may not be as pretty but you can even use a water drain or something of the sortpick it up from a junk yard or somethin.
It's called celluloseit's a very green product, and does not outgas like foam insulationIt's much cheaper than fiberglass and is easier to work with, as well as has a better R value since it fills the whole studbayno airgaps.

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