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World of warcraft: engineering help?

Hi, I‘ve just made a gnome mage now level 9 and I have the engineering skill but i just really dont know how to get engineering up. how do i make rough blasting powder of copper bolts?


Pick up the Mining skill, buy a Pick axe and Smithing hammer, and go out looking for Copper nodes. You'll mine copper ore (which you can turn into copper bars at a forge, and turn those into copper bolts at an anvil), and rough stones (Which you can turn into rough blasting powder). Or if you already have a ton of gold, you can buy those at the Auction House, but it's much cheaper and more satisfying to get them yourself.
To answer your questions, you need rough stone to make rough blasting powder and copper ore smelted into copper bars to make copper bolts. To help yourself out in the future though, bring up your skills menu and click on whatever it is you want to make, it will tell you the ingredients you need to make said item. Another bit of advice is that if you're going to go engineering, I'd go with mining as your other skill. It will let you mine the ores and stones all yourself. Plus some gems will come of your hard work. Good luck with your professions!

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