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Youtube question someone answer please?

I saw a kid getting shot with a Airsoft rifle, And the FPS was about 350-300, Why do parents let their kids do this? I mean i would buy my son an airsoft rifle but ONLY if we agree to lock it up and only use it with adult super vision so i know what hes doing and keep him safe, But i just think to myself Why since its not all fun and games when you start bleeding from a high Velocity shot. What i don't get is the kids who get these guns their parents have NO intention of even knowing what they'll be doing and worst is, These stupid kids are causing a high risk and a good damn reason why the government may BAN AIRSOFT, So tell me people Why does this happen?


What? you mean like using it as a hook to hang your cloths from the ceiling? For one thing, they're not designed to handle the extra weight, so you can damage the nozzle or the sensor linkages. If the nozzle or the plumbing is damaged, the sprinkler in your apartment might not work when it's needed. It could also spring a leak, depending on the design. If the sensor is damaged, it could result in a false positive, leading for the entire building to be drenched, or it might not go off when exposed to heat. It could just get pulled out of the ceiling or be bent (again, it's not designed as a clothes hook and isn't meant to handle much weight). At any rate, safety issues aside, you'd be responsible for any repairs and replacement costs involved if management finds out the damage was due to your actions.
Making . Trust me these are great gloves and they are awesome for sliding and protect your hands nicely if you mess up a slide.
We havent found anything better than Kong. Our Fox Terrier can destroy Kong balls, but it takes a good while. On the other hand, he can have a tennis ball bald and in two pieces in about 45 minutes. Hail Caesar!

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