Am I being fair?

So I have two daughters the ages 11 and 13 and sometimes they talk back or disobey me or my husband so we have to punish them. For about a year now whenever they do that I take away the 11 year olds cool clothes which are abercrombie and hollister clothes and I take away my 13 year olds makeup. Both of them say that its totally unfair and that they NEED those things. I feel that neither of them need those things to get by each day. the 11 year old has TONS of clothes, just from different stores like Old Navy, Gap, Macy's, Target, pac sun, and limited too so its not like she literally has nothing to where. And the 13 year old has perfect skin and has no reason to wear makeup (foundation) and personally i think shes to young to wear mascara, eyeliner, and eyeshadow, but I let her. So the question is, am I being fair or should I think of different punishments? If you disagree please give me other suggestions!Thank you so much!


first change the battery to another one first if it still does the same thing please replace the smoke detector because it may be faulty also make sure it is not a combination smoke/ carbon-monoxide detectorif sothen but two new separate ones..and see if the carbon-monoxide one is registering, and you need to do this NOW, you can die from carbon-monoxide, as you may know it is colorless and tasteless and you can not smell it good luck smile
You are either terribly over entitled, sadly mistaken, just dense, or a combination. There is no way on Earth anyone but you is responsible for this. You hit something. No road hazard will cover this. If I owned the store I'd tell you to kiss my *** too.

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