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Axle replacement Question?

I need to replace the left front axle of my 99 sentra and I'd like to know if the strut needs to be removed?, my brother in law is going to help me, he's done it before to his cars and the last time didn't aligned correctly or something and when the mechanic changed his transmission he removed both axles and transmission without removing the struts plus I've seen on youtube that a mechanic didn't remove the struts to replace it, Can it be done without messing with the strut.


it's a Geo is absolutely right. You have to remove the Wheel, after this remove the Tie-rod, then remove the Nut that secure the axle to the hub with a axle hub puller or an old fashioned Sledge hammer 3 LB. As your pulling the hub away from the car. Installation is the reverse of removal. You do not have to remove the Strut.
May 28, 2018
Only if you know how to do it without removing the strut
May 28, 2018
you need to dismount the lower ball joint at least to get room to remove the axle from the trans or the spindle. but the strut can stay in place other wise.
May 28, 2018

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