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Boxing Gloves Question?

I'm a 20yr old male I weigh 215 lbs and my height is 6'2'', What boxing gloves should I use ? 16oz, 18oz ? I'm asking this because I'm looking at some of them in Thanks for your help


Only if the contractor is the best conductor around.
It will be hard work to do it yourself. You can use a reciprocating saw with a metal blade to cut the bolts. Having a few metal blades is a good idea, as they might break or wear out. Wear eye protection and gardening gloves for safety, maybe a face shield too. Using saw horses or some other form of support would be a good idea to support the boards when cutting them, so they won't move in an unpredictable manner and possibly injure someone. Be careful and take your time. Safety first! For the cemented posts, you can dig around them to loosen them out of the ground. Using a tractor or a couple people with some strong rope or chain, you should be able to pull the posts and cement out in one piece. To dispose of the decking, I would burn it, if it was allowed. If that isn't possible, you can rent a garbage bin and throw it away. There might be a place associated with your local dump where you can take wood waste. You could haul it out yourself or hire a guy with a truck to take it away for you. To make it more portable, you might need to take the reciprocating saw with a wood blade to the boards to make them more manageable in length. I think you can probably do it. The most important things are to make sure you do everything as safely as possible and that you take your time.

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