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Bumpy ride after brake, axle replacement?

Hi, I just had my front and back brakes, and the right front axle replaced by an auto repair shop. It cost around $600.However, right after the changes, the car is now moving up and down a lot even on minor bumps, etc. DEFINITELY a very big change since before the repair. My question is, is this normal? I argued with the mechanics, but they said it wasn‘t their fault.Anyway, what do I need to do to get it fixed? They suggested replacing the right-front strut (same side for which the axle was replaced), and then alignment at the same time.The car is a 1999 Elantra, lt;60k miles on it. I‘ve already spent a lot of money on it, and don‘t want to continue dumping money into something I‘ll get rid of within 1-2 years.Also, are there ANY honest mechanics out there?


It does sound like a strut issue to me. It could be that the bad axle masked the strut problem, or maybe the mechanic didn't reinstall correctly after the repair. Take the car to another mechanic for a second opinion. If it can be proved that shop #1 is at fault, go back and make your case. Struts/shocks should always be replaced in pairs. A 1999 Hyundai is going to need some maintenance, as will any car that age. This stuff seems like regular upkeep to me so I wouldn't sweat it - just get it done and get back on the road. Remember also that bad shocks/struts reduce breaking performance significantly, so this could be a safety issue as well. Good luck! Update with the result if you don't mind. For an honest mechanic, word of mouth is best. Look for an independent mechanic with stellar reviews on Yelp.
May 28, 2018
Take it to a reputable shop and have it inspected. Don't offer any information or tell them when it started. Just have them inspect it, drive it, and offer an opinion and estimate. You might have a defective new axle assembly. It does happen. They may have F'd something up and you will not know unless you get a couple of inspections at other shops. Good Luck!
May 28, 2018
Sounds like Shocks or struts. Try replacing first. If it persist; take it to the Dealer.
May 28, 2018

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