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Can I Disable My Own Car Alarm?

Every so often, my car won't start when I get in, and I will have to let it sit for awhilethen it will finally start up. Yesterday, it wouldn't start and the dome light wouldn't turn off either. It didn't start until my friend unhooked the battery for a few minutes, then reconnected it and started right up. I have been told by more than one mechanic that the problem is the car alarm, but nobody will disconnect it. I took the car to a dealer and was told it is against federal regulation for them to disconnect my alarm and they can fix whats wrong with it but not disconnect it. Now im frustrated. I can't keep driving it around, not knowing when it will decide not to start. So my question is, could I disconnect it easily myself? The alarm came with the car so if I can't disconnect it, is it expensive to fix? The car is a Monte Carlo. Please advise!


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