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chaning brake rotors without changing pads?

I changed the front brake pads of my mazda 95 protege without changing brake rotors or resurface last month and got 1000 miles on it.Now I need to change the front rotors because of its crack. Can I change rotors only or Is it imperative that I always need to change rotors and pads together?One more question, when I step on brake pedal, it doesn‘t stop right away. to fix this problem, what do I have to do? Do I need to change brake fluid? thank you


as for your pads, check to see if you have any abnormal wear on them. if they are not cracked and with even wear you would be fine to just replace the rotors. however it is recommended that the pads be changed with the rotors to get the max life out of both. if your rotors are cracked more then likely your pads are screwed, so replacement would be necessary. i would recommend a ceramic brake pad. when you replaced the pads, did you crack(open) a bleeder valve? if so you may have air in the lines. you would have to bleed the brake system to remove all air. this could be the cause of your not stopping right away. is you pedal spongy? this would indicate air in the lines or possibly a bad ABS module/pump. scanning the abs system should tell you if the pump and module are bad. replacing the brake fluid(a brake flush) increases the viscosity of the hydraulic fluid allowing more pressure to be built up within the lines increasing braking power. it also removes any build up of rust and other contaminants which could block the lines. As a professional, i would recommend changing the pads to a ceramic pad and a good grade rotor, together and performing a brake fluid flush. (you need a scanner that can access the ABS system and open the valves to properly bleed the system) this should cure your problem. your best bet is to take it to a good shop and have them do the work so you know it is done correctly the first time. If your using AutoZone parts, the duralast rotors and Cmax pads would be the best. and at 150,000 miles you would need the brake flush done!
May 28, 2018
If there is only 1000 miles on it, personally I can't advise you of what to do on these brakes, as a tech you replace it all as a set. pads, resurface/replace rotors. On my own car, I would probably replace the rotors and re use the pads I had. If they only had 1000 miles on them. The car not stopping right away can be due to a lot of things, glazed rotors for one, brakes out of adjustment, air in the brake lines, a master cylinder on it's way out, or a brake booster not functioning properly. Brake fluid should be changed every two years or more under severe conditions. It should be clear, and never use DOT 4 on a car with an ABS brake system.
May 28, 2018
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