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Do normal brakes work without the antilock brake system.?

I‘ve a 92 mazda serenia. The antilock brakes are not working and there is an indicator light for same. But, the conventional or non-computer-assisted brakes still seem to work fine. Fixing the antilock brake system will cost much more than the car is worth. So my question is, normally, will conventional non-assisted brakes continue to work even if the ABS is not working properly? The car seems to brake very well, but on the ice, they do lock. It seems logical and reasonable to me that car makers would not make something as important as braking entirely reliant on computer/electronic circuits. Does anyone have experience with this?


i have an intermittent problem with my '99 malibu. the gm tech said that it's the wheel speed sensor that is going or gone bad(in your case). the wheel speed sensor just tells the ABS computer when to apply the pulsing distribution to each wheel accordingly. when the ABS light is lit it just means you do not have that safety feature and your brakes will work as if you did not have it. all four wheels should brake as they would on dry pavement but you will lock up on wet and icy conditions.
May 28, 2018
Well, its better than mine, both the brake and the anti-lock brake lights are lit. And the car still stops. I've owned it for about 9 months like that. I never really believed in all that stuff, (air bag, antilock.) In the car I had before that, I was going down a freeway about 65 when the wet road suddenly turned to ice. I realized that because I saw a tow truck on the other side and several SUVs in the ditch. There was also a SUV about a quarter mile in front of me, doing about 30. I was able to switch lanes before fishtailing and spinning my car around twice. I managed to stay on the road and just broke a parking light as I grazed a gaurdrail while sliding sideways. Keep in mind, that car did not have antilock brakes, traction control and all that stuff that is supposed to keep cars on the road like all those SUVs that were in the ditch.
May 28, 2018
Brakes are not connected to the transmission--so forget that talk--the shop sounds either stupid or they are a rip off . Get a new trans--stop fooling around any further---new is new--that is your best choice---you spend the same for a couple of parts then the labor--and you still have an old trans--a new one has at least a 3 year warranty--front to back. A few parts will not mean a thing. That shop that did just parts was a rip off and took you to the laundry--you should have gotten a new trans all at once--in one day you have 3 years of extra life in your van. Don't trade it in--you can just buy another used junker and keep spending money again. keep the van--get a new trans at a DIFFERENT shop---go to a reputable transmission repair facility--look under trans in the phone book.
May 28, 2018
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May 28, 2018

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