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Fire alarm louisiana felony?

My friend pulled a fire alarm last night while wasted. Now shes upset and worried that they will finger print it. Is that possible and is it a felony.


it would be better for you to wrap your hands, but not necessary. the hand wraps provide better support to the general integrity of the bones in your hands, and shouldn't affect your knuckles getting scraped too much. as to your scraped knuckles, after a while (months? hard to say) your knuckles will become calloused and strong, and scraping them will no longer be an issue
if you have a jacket with button pockets that would work. or if you have a rubber case, that makes it fit snuggly in your back pocket that should keep it from falling out because the rubber isn't slipper against jeans. or, as silly as it sounds, if you'd really like, just when before you get on the rollercoaster, use duck tape, and tape your pocket shut. it may look silly and sound silly, but it will definitley keep your phone in your pocket. as for where to put the ducktape, i say bring a small backpack or bag and put it in there. then ask the ride workers where you can put your bag, and they'll probably have you set it down on the loading dock towards the exit. have a fun day and don't worry too much :)

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