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Fire alarm went off in the middle of the night?

There was no fire, no stove on or anything. Why would it have done this?


Does it occur if only 1 wheel goes over a bump? If not, or it's not noticable, it is probably the sway bar bushings that hold it to the frame. They tend to dry out and when the bar flexs it causes a tight rubber squeaking sound. You can correct this by spraying the rubber bushings with a good quality penetrating fluid, like liquid wrench or wd-40. Make sure that the can states that it is safe for use on rubber.
Well if you are always frustrated with the glare in all pictures or have a hard time seeing with a glare, then yes. But if you aren't, regular ones are cool too.
Eyeglass lenses have two polished surfaces (front and rear). Light transverses the lens and due to its shape and material of construction, the light path is altered (refracted). The prescription (figure of the curve) counters optical errors of the eye and the result is hopefully perfect vision. Now about 8% of the light playing on the lens is lost due to reflection from the shiny polished surfaces. For most, this light loss is unimportant but under dim lighting conditions, reducing this loss is helpful. Additionally the inside surface of the eyeglass lens also reflects light. We are taking light that transverses the eyeglass lens, plays on the surface of the human eye and reflects back towards the glasses. Some of this light will be re-reflected from the back of the eyeglass lens thus back into the path of the image forming rays thus they enter the eye as misguided rays. These induce what is known as flare and this can be devastating when looking at strong-lighted vistas. The optical coat applied to lenses mitigates reflection thus flare is reduced. The improvement is noticeable. The downside is, coated lenses have a microscopically fine texture that caches dirt, particularly oils. You might hear complaints that coated lenses are more difficult to keep clean. Are they worth the extra cost? The value of coating eyeglasses is in the eye of the beholder. I personally never get coated eyeglasses.

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