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HELP!! replacing my 94 Subaru Legacy axle.?

I went to get the brakes checked on my beloved Subaru and the brakes turned out to be fine, but apparently my axle needs to be replaced (which I guess, explains the clicking sound the car makes whenever I‘m turning left). I just want to know what can wait to be fixed and what I really need to do now and how much is reasonable .I know nothing about cars and I just don‘t want to be taken advantage of *too* badly.front/rear struts(leaking)realign with new partsL/f Axle(boot Open/dry, Noise)thanks in advance!


The axle is a must do, if it fails on the road it will leave you stranded. It will then require a tow in addition to the new axle which it already needs. Save the tow money for the struts. Shop around for a price on the axle, a shop that does transmission work may be cheaper than a muffler shop. The most important thing is that the axle nut be torqued to the proper spec, or you will need a wheel bearing shortly. Are you sure you need struts, or did a muffler shop tell you they are bad? Many muffler shop mechanics work on commission and must sell parts to make any real money. Get a second opinion, or two. Go to a shop and ask them to test drive the car for the axle noise and see if they mention anything about the struts.
May 28, 2018
not sure on the price i do my own work, but if its bad you should change it soon as u can if it comes apart while your driving may cause more damage and more money, also depending on speed when it breaks u could loose control off the car
May 28, 2018

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