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How do punks make their plaid pants?

So all my friends gives me **** for having pants from Hot Topic, I didn't buy em they were a b-day present, so I want to make my own. Do most people just find plaid pants or do they somehow sew plaid fabric onto their normal pants?I'm not asking about adding zippers, studs, or patches I already know about that.


Since CO2 extinguishers are filled with liquid CO2 a pressure gauge would provide little information on the state of charge, the pressure says almost constant (varying a bit with temperature) until the device is virtually empty. CO2 extinguishers are usually checked by weight.
Of course make sure your wheel lug nuts are tight. You might have a bad McPherson strut shock that would make noise like that. Or possibly a loose strut mount or bad upper strut mount. Could be a bad bushing in the front sway bar at the wheel connection. A loose brake caliper would clank more than thump. You could have your tires rotated anyways just for grins. A good mechanic will find it quick, so take a ride with one soon before things get worse (for a lot of reasons).

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