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How to make my windshield wipers move?

checked and found the fuse missing first of all. pulled the hazzard light fuse to see if that would make things work. I can hear the windshield wiper motor come on, but the blades still are not moving. could this be a switch problem, motor problem still, or wrong fuse. if for some reason its the linkage to the motor how to I access this connection. on a 91 Dodge Ram 250. need this working for inspection to pass


If the motor works properly through the switching, I would guess that the wiper transmission is suspect. Normally there is a panel that you can remove to gain access to the transmission arms and connectors. Have a close look at where the main wiper post exit through the hood. Sometime you need to open the hood and look at the firewall to see where the panel is. Once you remove the panel you gain access to all the rigging. It is common for the main pivot joint to come apart; this happens when someone turns on the wipers and they are frozen down.
If you can hear the motor moving than the linkage might be broke under the cowl, but since the fuse was pulled it sounds like the motor is bad and someone pulled it because it kept blowing.To get to that linkage you have to unbolt the arms, pry them off with a screwdriver (be careful) and take out the screws and bolts to the cowl. ASE L1 MASTER
wipers are designed to wipe rain water and wash the windshield, if the windshield is loaded with snow or iced up it is a little hard on everything that works the wipers, this is what i understand ththat'sappening with your wipers, when you turn them on you can hear the motor running but nothing is happening due to snow or ice build up on the windshield, ok there is a bar/shaft or rod not sure what it is called, it goes from one wiper to the other that bar is connected to another bar that runs to the motor, the shaft sticking out of the motor has an arm about 2 long and has a ball on the end of it kinda like a trailer hitch ball but about the size of a small marble, the shaft that connects to the ball on the motor must have popopped off the ball,or something broke like the ball or the shaft the ball is connected to, you never mentioned what kind of car you have, those parts have to accesable somehow, the panel behind the hood with the louvers on it if you can see screws or clips running along the front of it from fender to fender you can only see it with the hood up, if that isn't removable then you have to access it from under the dash, from now on if it is snowing or iced up before you turn your wipers on pull them away from the windshield to make sure there not stuck on the glass and remove any snow before you turn them on all that extra stress will cause them to weaken and start making a knocking noise hope this helps you good luck!

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