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how to remove a stuck pcv valve?

I want to change a stuck pcv valve on my 86 toyota pickup 22RE. I've used tons of lube and picked away at the grommet but i still can't get it out. Any advice?


the grommet is being replaced so do what you have to to get the valve out. id grab a hold with a pair of pliers and go that route.
Stuck Pcv Valve
It is mounted in the valve cover if my memory serves me right.There may possibly be a clip on the inside of the cover holding the valve in. I am thinking the reason is because if it's time to change the PVC valve, it's also probably time to change the valve cover gasket. I would pull the valve cover off, change the valve, replace the gasket on the valve cover and reinstall. Makes a simple job really long but you never know what the engineers of cars had in mind!!

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