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How to replace new rear axle on Mongoose XR250?

I have a Mongoose XR250 mountain bike and the rear axle warped. As I was replacing it today, I forgot how the original nuts and bolts went in and I struggled for hours trying to get the new axle in place. I don‘t know where the manual went and now I‘m stuck with a bike with no rear wheel. Any help?


Bent axles on that bike, and most department store models, are very common. You'd better get used to replacing them. Be advised that about 50% of the time a bent axle on these bikes will have ruined the cups inside the hub which are not replacable requiring a new rear wheel (or new hub if you have the ability to rebuild your wheel). To replace the rear axle, you should have removed the freewheel then removed ONE side of the hardware which include the cone, washer, possibly a wide spacer, and a locknut. If you removed both sides- a common error for those doing their own work- you can split the parts in half. One half (with a short wide spacer) goes on the non-drive side, and the other parts go on the drive (freewheel) side. Make sure you have the correct number of bearings on each side, then, install the parts in this sequence: 1. Cone 2. Wide spacer 3. washer 4. locknut Install all the parts on one side of the axle and make sure they are snug. Place the axle through the hub and install the other side adjusting the cone until you feel no play and no roughness.
May 28, 2018
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May 28, 2018
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