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How would you rate my poem(1 worst and 10 best)?

Okay so i'm in eight grade and this is about my first expierience on a roller coasterThe sky began to darken with a foretelling of fearA gust of angst blew us backAs the hushed rumble of gearsTeased my racing heartFear drenched our soulsOur hearts shivering with apprehensionOur bodies splattered with remorseOur minds sheltered by curiosityThe air was deadEverything was suspended in the fearIt was the calm before the storm The last moment before it strikesThe storm captured usA lightning rod speared my heartA thunderous boom exploded from my mouthA streak of illumination spread across my lips The storm passed Leaving us in the aftermathBruises that blemish our hearts will never healThey will only make us stronger for next time


Wow ! They don't make it easy for you, do they ? I absolutely agree that they should provide training, steel toecaps and gloves, and shouldn't stack stuff up so high. Sorry if this sounds harsh but you may have to choose between safe working and having this job. You certainly sound like a sensible person who could do something more skillful. If you can ask on here, you can go to the Health and Safety executive website and find out. I bet you can download a Manual Handling video. You are certainly entitled to boots and gloves but if they won't get them for you, are you willing to keep on at them about it, or do you think that for your own safety it's better just to buy them yourself ? You could contact the Health and Safety Executive and explain the problem - maybe they could make your employers do things safer, I don't know. My advice is to write all this stuff down, write to your employers about it, send it by registered post and keep a copy. If they write back, keep the reply. If there are other workers who feel like you do, speak to management together so you can be witnesses for each other in case you are sacked or have an accident. Do you think management might be more sympathetic if, say a washing machine fell down ? Just a thought I can tell you that even just to cover their own backs, they should see that you look at a training manual or manual handling video. They should have a Risk Assessment for stacking machines, with instructions on what to do to reduce risks to yourself. They should get you to sign a form to prove you have seen the training manual/manual handling video, and read and understood the Risk Assessment.
Nopeim working 8:30am to 7:15pm.so i'll be in the AC all damn day long ( Lowe's. The people at Home Depot just dont know whtas going onlast time i went there the two guys that helped me were baked*rolls eyes*

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