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hunting clothes-blaze color?

every year i've been hunting with camo clothing in alaska and moose hunting is coming up in september, the color blaze, is it for wearing when the sunrise/sunset is about to happen or is it for safety precautions like walking out in the wild and hunters in the area would'nt shoot your way, if seen wearing the blaze color?would the color effect my hunting for moose even if its between 4:00pm-10:00pm?i never hunted with that color before, thought it would help out with any search in case i get lost someday or something, hope that never happens!


Unless your fire alarms double as smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors, then no a fire detector will not detect carbon monoxide. They either detect smoke or heat. You need a carbon monoxide detector that has an alarm on it so it will wake you if there is a problem.one that changes colour will not help you if you are sleeping or busy and not checking it constantly. Sometimes high humidity can set an alarm off. Open the fire detector up..give it a good dusting/new batteries if it is not hard wired in and see if it works normally. If not..replace them. They need replacing every 5-10 years depending upon your detector and how well maintained they have been. A few bucks is well worth it if it may mean saving your lives.
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