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i am having brake problems anyone have ideas?

my brakes are sticking only when they get hot or when the brake fluid gets hot i have replaced the wheel beering schecked the calibers and hoses along with removing the abs fuse so what else could it be please give me some more ideas


Randall, all ya got to do is have the brake system flushed and fresh fliud in. What happens is brake fluid and water mix REAL WELL TOGETHER and can ruin the ABS system costing big bucks to replace it(#1 rule with brake fluid and ABS systems is flush at least once a yr). Your local dealership service dept can do this along with Midas or similar shops
May 28, 2018
All the brakes or just 1 wheel? All, master cyl, poor booster adjustment etc. BUT most GM's have bad hoses. Don't check the hoses. Just replace them and problem solved most likely.
May 28, 2018
check for rust on cali[per slides
May 28, 2018

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