i need evidence?

i need evidence that the mothman is not real i have looked online and can't find anything on it i need it for a book report PLEASE HELP.PLEASE!!!!!i need evidence that the mothman is


Who says he was not real!!?? Whatever the creature may have been, it seems clear that Mothman was no hoaxThere were simply too many credible witnesses who saw “something”It was suggested at the time that the creature may have been a sandhill crane, which while they are not native to the area, could have migrated south from CanadaThat was one explanation anyway, although it was one that was rejected by Mothman witnesses, who stated that what they saw looked nothing like a craneBut there could have been a logical explanation for some of the sightingsEven John Keel (who believed the creature was genuine) suspected that a few of the cases involved people who were spooked by recent reports and saw owls flying along deserted roads at nightEven so, Mothman remains hard to easily dismissThe case is filled with an impressive number of multiple-witness sightings by individuals that were deemed reliable, even by law enforcement officialsBut if Mothman was realand he truly was some unidentified creature that cannot be explained, what was behind the UFO sightings, the poltergeist reports, the strange lights, sounds, the “men in black” and most horrifying, the collapse of the Silver Bridge? John Keel believes that Point Pleasant was a “window” area, a place that was marked by long periods of strange sightings, monster reports and the coming and going of unusual personsHe states that it may be wrong to blame the collapse of the bridge on the local UFO sightings, but the intense activity in the area at the time does suggest some sort of connectionOthers have pointed to another supernatural link to the strange happenings, blaming the events on the legendary Cornstalk Curse that was placed on Point Pleasant in the 1770's(Click Here to Discover the details about the Cornstalk Curse)

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