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Is a plant lamp better than the sun?

Is a plant lamp better than the sun?


The simulated sun can generally be added to the interior of the sun, or it can be used to change the flowering time, such as the flowers, which can be changed into open during the day. If the room has normal sunlight, or the sun is most natural
The only benefit of a plant light is its intensity and time. For example, in Zhejiang, you have to grow tomatoes with Xinjiang flavor, or advance a certain kind of fruit, must be sweet standard, you have to use plant lights. Or you need it when you plant it indoors.If the greenhouse needs, you can find in Taobao: shopkeeper Name: zjjxyx or shop: room gardening. This technology directly under the shop, behind the design and construction of professional staff.
The plant light is only a supplement to the natural light, and the effect is not as good as the sun. From the spectral composition, composition of plant growth is the main light spectrum of several band needed plant spectrum, but the sun light spectrum is much richer, so the plant growth benefits are many.The plant light can only extend the illumination time or change the photoperiod to some extent, but in terms of its effect, it can not be compared with the sunlight.

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