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Is it possible to dye an area rug?

I have a very large area rug. It has lots of browns blacks. I want to lighten it sum how dye a medium-dark blue. But I may have to dye black. I like the rug it just doesn't go with my sons room decor. Please Help. Any information is appreciated. Thanks!


You MIGHT be able to. First you have to determine what it is made of. If it is 100% wool, cotton or nylon, these fibers will all accept dyes. However, most area rugs are acrylic, polyester or olefin fibers and will NOT absorb dye. They are essentially plastic and are colored during manufacturing useing noxious chemical dyes that you could not use. If you can determine that it is made of a dye-absorbing fiber, you can rent a small sprayer and air compressor from a tool rental place and use good aniline dye (not Rit dye that goes in the washer). You can buy this dye at hobby stores like Joanns and Michaels. You would have to do the job outdoors , preferably in your yard or driveway, with a painters disposable tarp underneath. Follow directions with the spray gun and spray it with even strokes. My mom dyed a couple of rugs we had this way when I was younger. I will warn you that the results may not be exactly what you want. Black will likely turn out grey -- it is hard to get a deep consistent tone this way. It really might be better to sell it on Craigslist and then use the money to buy a new one that matches.
Aug 23, 2017
I took mine outside and washed it on an area where I have gravel. A deck would be good also. Try using some bleach and water to lighten it. Rince very well. I put liquid rit dye in a garden sprayer with Hot water and 1/2 cup salt and sprayed the carpet. I waited a couple of hours and mixed up another batch and sprayed it again. After it was somewhat dry I layed it over the fence to dry.
Aug 23, 2017
Hi There is two ways to remove wax from carpet. 1/ Use the edge of a butter knife to carefully scrape off or lift up as much solid wax as you can .Use a dry clean white terrycloth place it over the wax spot then heat it with a iron on low setting because most homes have polyester carpet, and if the iron gets too hot, it'll melt the carpet. Keep checking the spot every ten seconds or so, moving the terrycloth so that a clean spot is on the carpet. 2/ Which is the better way. Use the edge of a butter knife to carefully scrape off or lift up as much solid wax as you can Heat up a full kettle of water and pour it slowly on the carpet at the same time with a wet vac vacuum up the water. Keep on doing this until the wax is removed. From a carpet cleaner of 14 years
Aug 23, 2017
Results will depend on what material the rug is made from. Also you stated 'large area rug', will it fit in your washing machine. It may be easier to replace or possibly trade it for another.
Aug 23, 2017

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