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Leopard gecko Question...HELP PLEASE!?

my leopard gecko just laid her eggs last night.....i have done a pile of Research but the one thing i was wondering is how do i know if i have the vermiculite moist enough or too moist??? and how do i moisten it once the eggs are in it. o and one last thing should the eggs be covered over with vermiculite? thanks!!


Maybe there not fertilized. Are they egg-shaped or are the long oval slugs? Did you see the dragons copulate or find a sperm cap?
Some additional info
Warm it up a little bit. it should be about 87 degrees in the incubator
Your humidity is too low. I'd add some perlite and then add water. I find vermiculite tends to cling to the eggs when wet and can drown them. Perlite lets the water go thru without holding it. Do you have a lid on the egg box? If not, that's why all the humidity is going out.
Your temperature is too low, for one. You shouold incubate beardie eggs at between 82 to 85 degrees. Also, how's your humidity? It should be close to 100%. You have to add water to the vermiculite. Make it moist, but not so wet that when you squeeze a clump of it, water drips out. You can also add a small deli cup with water in it inside the incubator to raise humidity. But also don't throw bad looking eggs away. I've seen really bad looking, shriveled up eggs still hatch.

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