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lightening rod grounded to propane pipe?

Hiya-I just noticed that I have a lightening rod that seems to be attached and grounded to an old propane pipeno tank is attached at the moment, but it is attached to a small stove in the basement.is this a recipe for disaster-if a lightening strike should occur. if 1 a tank was indeed connected and 2if there is no tank and it is just hooked up to a very metal stove that sits next to my furnace in the basement???thanks for any info?


There are no side effects from using copper piping in the home. As another user rightly pointed out- there used to be in the past when solder containing lead was used. You can still buy solder containing lead as this is safe to use (obviously) when jointing gas pipes. Potable water suitable solder is lead free. ABS pipe is for waste pipes not mains water services, so it is not an alternative. I think you mean PVC? This is great, but hasn't been tested for any degree of time. Also plastic water pipes are jointed by plastic push-fit and compression fittings and what you have to remember is that they have perishable components in them (rubber, neoprene rings etc) that will over time fail. There is practically nothing to fail in a copper pipe system with normal soldered or compression joints.
i had chemistry last year and people who use contacts (more than half of the class believe or not) used their glasses, and i guess they liked using glasses because they started wearing them when it wasnt lab day. i would recommend bringing your glass and then go to the bathroom or something to put on your contacts after the lab, you never what could happen, for example there was a small accident last year in my class (not my fault by the way, it was my partner's)
only effects are environmental ( if you care about that sort of thing ) where they mine the copper and ABS comes from oil ABS is easier to work with but more expensive to buy but the time saved on installation makes it about equal with copper
are you people crazy? have any of you purchased copper lately?? It's price is through the roof!!!!! copper has been used in potable water systems for years and years and has never been shown to cause any side effects!!! bottled water is a waste and just fill up landfills, re-use your bottles!!! I think curious's side effects might be from lead paint instead
for what application? in general, Copper pipe is going to last you longer.. however, off hand I can't think of anything that you would use ABS as an alternative for..

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