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Looking for a good set of snow tires?

I'm looking for a good set of snow tires for my 1998 Camry XLE. I've lived in Minnesota all my life and my all season's, although still good in the 7 snowless months, don't have my full confidence for the upcoming winter. I'm just looking for suggestions for a 195/70R14 size winter tire. I've been strongly looking at Firestone Winterforce but studs are a no go in Minnesota so what do you think?


I think the person who said you should think of something else to do, would be the smart thing to do, so get to thinking.
The NFPA (National Fire Protection Association) Standard for fire alarms is NFPA 1 Life Safety Code. It's only applicable if your state, county or city has adopted it. You'll need to check with your local fire marshal/inspector or planning and zoning office to find out what codes are applicable for your jurisdiction.

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