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My cat is licking plastic?!?!?

Ok so recently I have been seeing my cat licking plastic! He does it all the time now, he got a like plastic fetish or something This is no joke why is he doing this its freaking me out!!!


Plastic leeches chemicals that break down and become similar flavors to salty or sweet things. The cat can and might become obsessed with it if you don't break this behavior quickly. the risks can include poisoning from the licked leeching chemicals or consumed plastic chemicals, and or choking hazards. get some other flavorful things and toys to distract this behavior right away. punish the cat with a loud noise everytime the licking plastics starts.
Most cats do that it is normal but it may just be bored or may be feeling sick like dog eat grass when they wanna throw up so it plastic for cats
Don't worry, it's fine. My younger cat is obsessed with plastic bags and hides in them when we come home from the store. It's fine, but make sure your cat doesn't eat them because that could be bad for his belly.
My cat pepper liked to chew on plastic when she was alive. I always took it from her cause I didn't want her to choke on it.
a lot of cats do that. one of mine actually likes to chew on it. it's pretty dangerous if an animal ingests plastic like that so try to keep those things away from him. it will definitely cause some serious medical issues.

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