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No grounded outlets in rental home!! Help!!?

I asked this in home gardening, but I think this is where it should be asked. I need a quick fix on how to ground outlets so as i can hook up my satalite receiver computers. Cant afford an electrician to rewire a rental, the landlord is no help.


Ok i'm not a professional but I used to have the same problem in an apartment I used to live in and I bought some outlet adapters at the hardware store. you plug it into the outlet and then you can plug the 3-prong plugs into the adapter. good luck
This house must have been built pre world war two. I also believe that with all the electrical appliances that we use today, it's very passably could be a hazard to your health just living there. If you doubt these words, then I suggest that you talk to an electrician. A bonified Electrician, not just some handy man that is eager to share maybe what little knowledge that he may have. These old houses were not built to sustain computers, wide screen high def TVs, and salad shooters. If you know what I meen.
Buy the adapters but be sure to attach the little metal tab that sticks out from it to the screw on the outlet cover. On the older two prong outlets the electrical box for the outlet is supposed to be grounded through the conduit. That is why the adapter has that little tab. Most people don't attach it or just break it off. This is wrong.
At the very least you might ask if the landlord will allow you to replace the NON grounded receptacles; and possibly at least pay for them. Turning off that breaker and installing a GFC isn't difficult; but I might assume your entire place is a non grounded system. Easy enough to check that too, just shut off the breaker, take the cover plate off any receptacle; and see if there is a third wire/ground; not connected. Best places to have them intially are kitchen and baths Obviously the adapter...3 to 2 prong is available in many places. I'd probably go that route with a power strip that has surge protection as well as a fuse that blows in case of a SPIKE, before any surge gets to the appliance.
There is no easy way to ground an ungrounded receptacle. That involves running new wires from the electric panel to the receptacle. That is the only way it can be done. You can replace a 2 prong receptacle with a GFCI receptacle, or buy an adapter, but you still will not have a ground. You will just have a 3 prong receptacle to plug into.

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