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Noise in rear brake of 2000 Mazda Protege?

I have a 2000 Mazda Protege recently my Mechanic Friend next door replaced the Brakes all the way round on the car. Also he put a new Axle Hub on the right rear axel. The problem is that after the car sits overnight and when I first hit the in the morning or only a damp rainy day there is a terrible squeal in the right rear wheel at times it even sounds like metal rubbing on metal. Can anyone tell me what the problem is could it be the new Chinese made Axel Hub that was put on the car ?


If you have rear disc brakes ask the mechanic if he adjusted the park brake. The rear disc brakes system has a internal drum like brake system . Some car have organic park brake shoes and some car have metal ( non metallic) park brake shoe. If he did adjust it to much you will here a grinding noise. One way to check it is pulling the park brake lever. If it only raises a few inches the park brake is adjusted too much. The mechanic would have removed the entire brake assembly in order to replace the axle. If the park brake lever goes mid way its good . The other possibility is the brake pad sliders were not installed correctly . When the brakes are applied the slider come in contact with the rotors making a metal to metal grinding noise. One last possibility - If they squeak it could be from the rotor not being resurfaced for the brake job or you are getting a vibration between the brake pad and caliper piston. The high end pads come with a anti vibration shim. Or there is a silicone brake compound to damped the the contact point.
May 28, 2018
have you ever contacted the unique provider place? which you need to to attempt there first. If this is an exceedingly respected place they'll see in the event that they made a mistake and attach the errors for you, optimistically for no fee to you. in the event that they don't then do right here: Take your motor vehicle to a distinctive employer that does brakes! exceptionally much all agencies those days provide a loose brake inspection. Describe what you're experiencing to the provider guy and enable them to take a glance-see. in the event that they detect a difficulty, have them fix it, record each thing!! you will possibly have a small claims court docket case interior the making, exceptionally if the recent provider place reveals the unique paintings replaced into shoddy.
May 28, 2018
Brakes could be to tight , needs to adjust them.
May 28, 2018

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