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Pulled a fire extinguisher with the pin already out at school?

So I saw a fire extinguisher by the door. It wasn't locked up or anything, just hanging there. I pushed down the handle and foam came out. I thought it would be locked because they normally have pins in them. Barely any foam came out. I got in severe trouble for this. Shouldn't I be praised for finding out the fire extinguisher had a pin out of it? and if I am right (which I think I am), how do I report my school for wrongful punishment?


There are two types of smoke detectors: Ionizing types that use a small bit of Americium to ionize air then detect conductivity when that equilibrium is disturbed, and photocell units that look for actual smoke. Gas stoves give off no smoke, but the products of combustion will trip many ionizing units, especially if they are older. Check the type of unit you have - 90% of inexpensive detectors are ionizing types and so should not be used where products of combustion from gas stoves may reach them. Look for detectors that are labeled for kitchen use, and replace those that tend to trip with them. Some additional information including the explanation of the different types is linked below. Good luck with it.
In real life the Spartans at Thermopylae were protected in the equivalent of a Roman Testudo, but the Persian archers overwhelmed it with the weight of arrows. If enough archers concentrate their fire on shield bearing infantry some of the arrows get through, open gaps in the defense causing more casualties until the unit collapses. At Marathon the Greeks faced Persian archers, but got around the threat by running fast enough to get through the killing fields before enough arrows had been shot to break the charge. A shield, even when used as a defensive tool in a formation designed to counter archers like the Testudo, is not 100 percent efficient, and having stray arrows penetrate the formation and cause casualties would have been very unnerving.

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