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repairing sewer pipe?

This is the main cast iron line leading from a house to the main sewer line that runs along the street. Some kids had dumped a bunch of rocks and gravel down the cleanout hole, and the main sewer line was now clogged underneath a concrete slab. I broke open the concrete slab and dug down to the sewer line where it's clogged. It's sort of around a p-trap. I used an O/A torch to cut open the metal line and am in the process of removing the solid obstructions. How do I seal up the hole that I've made in the sewer pipe. The hole is about the size of my hand, the pipe is 4. The pipe was probably layed 50-75 years ago, and is probably some sort of cast. I have access to a 220 outlet nearby and have a 220 stick welder. What kind of rod should I use if I weld it? Could I use some sort of epoxy and glue a patch of metal over the hole? This pipe is 3' below ground level, and there is not alot of room to manipulate things in there, it also smells like sewage.


You can buy a brush for cleaning them from any home hardware store. Be careful though, ducting is easy to tear. If you are too worried about it, pull out the dryer and remove the ducting so you can see if it is full or not. The best way to prevent a fire in this situation it to let the dry go through the entire cool down cycle, if your dryer has a cool down cycle. All this does is push cool air through the ducting so the lint is cooler down before the dryer stops.
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