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replacing 03 mustang axle shaft?

ok, so i had a bent axle shaft on my 03 base, v6 ford mustang.i just replaced it, and install went smooth and easy, but when the old axle was in, both axles spun freely, since i put the new one in, now they both seem hard to turn, like they‘re binding on something.what did i do wrong? thanks!


If you bent the axle, you more then likely bent the housing too. If you have reinstalled the brakes, it could be brake drag (there should be some due to the nature of brakes).
May 28, 2018
a sturdy mechanic would advise changing the completed axle no longer only the boot. The axle shaft is the completed axle. DONT HAVE IT finished AT A SUBARU broking!!!! it relatively is going to fee you a fortune. the different automobile restoration facility would use after industry areas. The axle itself ought to run approximately $a hundred and fifty.00/each and each or perhaps much less, yet uncertain. hard paintings ought to be approximately 40 5-60 minutes, depending on how troublesome it relatively is to get rid of the previous axle, ought to there be frozen bolts etc. confident, you ought to replace the axle whether it relatively is undesirable or you would be staring at greater severe subject concerns, like the wheel ( tire) falling off! think of of a journey container automobile and the little pins on eachside that carry the wheel on. LOL
May 28, 2018
with the axle bent it probably messed up the bearing too. pull the axle back out and replace the bearing and grease seal. i doubt it hurt the pumpkin any but being bent that way it could have ruined the bearing.
May 28, 2018

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