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Sensory Alphabet Flash Cards?

I am wanting to make sensory alphabet flash cards. I want to use something different for each letter. Here's what I've got so farA:B: seed beadsC:D:E: gray vinyl fabric so it will feel like an elephant (sort of)F: sequins like scales on a fish or fake feathersG:H: imitation hayI: I am thinking clear plastic (like an ice cube)J:K:L:M:N:O:P: peacock feathers (imitation of course)Q: a rich velvet or jewelslike a queen would wearR:S: a silky snake printT:U:V:W:X: my dad works at a hospital; I'm going to try for x-ray filmY:Z: zebra print materialThese are to add another sensory approach to the alphabet for a student who is having difficulties acquiring the English language. I already have the sand paper cards from Lakeshore and a puzzle with all of the letters covered in glitter. It seems that all that I can find are rough feeling cards so I wanted to make something different :o)


Yes. Anything that is opaque, and not 100% reflective, will emit long-wave infrared radiation when heated up. The black glass will absorb radiation from the heater. The glass will then re-emit radiation, mostly back towards the heater, and partially emitted out into the surrounding area or room. This will make the heater either: 1. Run at a higher temperature for a given power setting, in which case the net heat given off will be the same as without the glass. The hotter temperature could shorten the useful life of the heater unit. or 2. If the heater has a temperature setting, it will run at less power to maintain the same temperature, in which case less heat will be given off. I'm not sure about efficiency. If you're just trying to heat up a room, I see no advantage to covering the heater with the black glass.
I think your best solution is probably to buy a new smoke detector. (How old is the one that's presenting the problem? If 9 years, yeah, I'd replace it with a new one.) New ones will probably cost between $7 and $12. I don't see how turning off the power is supposed to have any effect on a battery powered smoke detector.

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