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Shouldn't The Wyatt's turn 'face' like The Shield did?

This would stop them from picking on and beating the hell out of John Cena, which makes the children cry, and maybe even the men over 20 years old cry also.


. You shouldn't even have to do the jail time unless you have pulled the alarm many times before. You would not have to pay the full damage.
If you're going to basic? Go ahead and get the haircut, it can be pretty painful (I lost a chunk of scalp, lol) and you're going to have to stand in a lot of lines, might as well get rid of one. Find some large (regular) size brown towels. The ones you buy there are small and make for a shittier shower time. Get some white, mid-calf socks that are comfortable and get several pairs. Bring stamps, envelopes, and pen and paper to write home, your family will love you for it and you'll get sent more stuff. Get used to standing still without leaning on anything. I was surprised how much my frickin feet hurt in formations. Gold's medicated foot powder. AD ointment!!! It's for road marching mostly, put it on your butt and beside your scrotum to prevent potentially SERIOUS chaffing (you don't need much). Focus on learning the info they put out and being a PT stud. Being PG, squad leader, etc. during basic means absolutely nothing in the real Army so don't sweat that stuff too much. The Army should provide everything else or you'll take a trip with a drill sergeant and buy any extra essentials with a magic card they give you. DO NOT GO TO SICK CALL (unless you're injured) OR USE TOBACCO, these are the things that draw a LOT of negative attention to you and drill sergeants will destroy you. That's all I can think of for now.
never give up until the last breathe

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