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The Best Metal bands of this decade?

Name me the best metal bands that have originated no earlier than the late 90's from the following categories...Thrash Metal Melodic Death Metal Power MetalSymphonic MetalViking Metal


Metal Oxide Formula
Hang on just a minute, [(Metal) + Oxygen have to react to get (Metal)-hydroxide and hydrogen]. Where does the hydrogen come from. Law of Conservation of Material or Mass - Atoms can be neither created nor destroyed. More correct would be (metal) + (Oxygen) react to give metal oxide. Now the metal oxide can react with water to give the metal hydroxide. 4Na + O2 --> 2 Na2O Na2O + H2O --> 2 NaOH
For example, to obtain a metal hydroxide, (Metal) + Oxygen have to react to get (Metal)-hydroxide and hydrogen. To get a metal oxide, you need (Metal) + (something) to get (something). I can't figure out what you need with metal to get metal oxide. Any help would be appreciated. Oxide is the negative 2 charged Oxygen ion. Metal + O2 = Metal oxide Oxidation is the process of reacting a substance with oxygen. Example: My students placed some steel wool in a crucible and heated it strongly for 3 minutes. Let cool and examine product! Some of the steel wool has rusted. Rust is Iron oxide. There are 2 forms of Iron oxide, FeO and Fe2O3. The oxygen is from the air, which is about 20% oxygen. We also burned small strips of Magnesium is bottles of pure O2. The product is MgO, magnesium oxide If you find an old piece of iron is a stream, it will probably be rusted. The oxygen does not come from the water, H2O. Oxygen gas is dissolved in the water. Fish use their gills to absorb the dissolved O2, so they can live under water. Oxygen is found almost everywhere on the earth!

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