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Tire advice on a motorcycle?

ok i just bought a 96 honda cbr 600cc f3, it needs a back tire bad and could use a front tire but i dont need it right away, the back tire size is 160/60R17 its a sportmax (D220 ST)(made by dunlop i think) the front tire is 120/60R17, my question is what should i do i want to get my back tire done and can find tires way cheaper online then the 180 dollar the shop i called had, but i dont want to get some really **** tire, at the same time im looking to save money. so give me some advice on what to do as this is my first bike.


try motosport, rocky mountain, or dennis kirk. Motosport had the fastest shipping and best customer service.
Take the course. You will learn a lot more than what is in the book, and you will get time in the saddle to get a feel for riding. The course itself will teach you starting with how to get on the bike, to where and what all the controls are, to how to run, and finally how to handle emergencies. Some of this will be lecture, and a lot of it will be on the bike actually riding. Having your bf show you how to ride is a good way for you two to get into a fight, and he might forget to show you some really basic stuff since he just takes it for granted. Nothing beats a formal course. It does not hurt that in most places the final test of the training is used by the DMV as your practical riding test so all you will have to do for your license is take the written, and almost every insurance agency gives you a discount on rates for taking the class. The second reason is that the instructors will all be long time riders. They have skills and knowledge you will never see written down. You classmates will come from different backgrounds as well, and some of them will have a lot of motorcycle knowledge as well. When discussing things or just shooting the breeze you will pick up a lot of information, and the instructors should be happy to answer any questions you might have. You will never get so much out of another $100 you ever spend. Then you and your bf can take the advanced rider course and learn even more after you get more comfortable on a bike. You should never stop learning or stop practicing basic and emergency skills.
id get the biggest tire you can, more tractionyou should be able to go into belle tire, idk if they do bikes, they should, and just have them order tires (like you're gonna buy) and have them put em on for ya for looks so you can see what you like, then order online exactly what you want

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