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What are foods high in fiber?

Fiber, if I remember correctly, is the non-nutritional molecule that just cleans your body, yes?


Do not worry, aloe vera has no negative effect on level of potassium in your body, there are some links on internet with wrong or manipulated information about aloe veraSome groups with connection to drug industry regularly spread false information about aloe vera and its negative side effectsGuess why?
Maybe its cleaning themI eat 15 leaves a day, I juice them, and only if I do it several day in a row one kidney might hurt, but then I pee better more quantity and less frequentso that sounds good to meAnd I don't take the green part off, not the yellow sapBut I use a thin one with almost no flavor, The one they call royal aloeits the one with white dots, its not bitter at all and so thin it would be too much work to peel it.
I started eating 100g of aloe vera each day a month ago cut from the plantNow my kidneys hurt a lot and my stools are yellowI don?t know if this is normal but my kidneys hurt a lot.
It can decrease potassium under certain circumstancesAloe vera should NOT be taken orally by: people with constipation for more than ten consecutive days as it may lead to abnormal heart rhythms, dependency and fluid loss which can deplete the body of important electrolytes in the body such as potassium Aloe taken internally can decrease levels of potassium so should not be used if taking diuretics a combination of Aloe and Digoxin can result in dangerously low levels of potassium Aloe vera also functions as a blood thinner I did not find Aloe vera listed as a food high in potassiumSome foods that are high in potassium include banana, celery, parsley, Cayenne, Chives, Eggplant, Beet Lentils You may have read an advertisement for aloe vera juice fortified with potassium.
Fiber comes from the outer part of a grain, the branWhole grains are where you get fiber from (well, that and some fruits and veggies)The major sources of fiber in my diet are: cereal (look for 5 grams or more per serving, like raisin bran or Kashi) cooked oatmeal whole grain bread beans, apples.

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