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What are the precautions for tanker transportation

What are the precautions for tanker transportation?


Installation of explosion-proof cameras on the tankerThe tank truck for transporting refined oil shall be monitored and controlled, and an on-board explosion-proof camera shall be installed on the tanker and connected with the alarm system,Once an accident occurs, the driver can sound the alarm immediately and report to the police. Deal with it in time and minimize damage.The tanker car explosion proof camera is installed at the rear of the vehicle or the oil outlet or the top of the carSituation, in the timely discovery of tanker smoke or oil spills, or reversing the car through the explosion-proof photoThe wide-angle lens of the machine can see the angle wide, assist reversing, and do not touch the other obstacles that scratch the body. It can come from the rootReduce the occurrence of tanker accidents. The tanker is most prone to accidents at night, so the on-board anti explosion camera is installedThe machine must have good night vision and can see the road behind the car in the dark.When installing an on-board explosion-proof camera for a tanker, there are flammable and explosive oil and gas substances in the environmentCable laying also need to do the corresponding explosion-proof isolation measures. Through the real-time monitoring of the tanker accident occurred or, in SeedlingIn the event of an accident, timely response to the accident damage to a minimum.
With the steady development of economy, all walks of life demand for oil is growing, the refined oil transportation tends to be more regular, the tanker departure is more intensive, at the same time, in the safety problems of oil transportation products have become increasingly prominent, the oil transportation safety delay.

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