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What are the types of drawer slides?

What are the types of drawer slides?


Gear type drawer slide railThe rail has hidden slide, slide, slide and other types of horse pulling slide belongs to high-grade, use gear structure so that the slide is smooth and synchronous, such slide also has closed or open press buffer rebound function, used for high-grade furniture, because the price is more expensive, modern furniture is relatively rare. So as the popularity of the slide, slide is the trend of the future.
The steel ball slide rail is basically a two section and three section metal slide rail, and the common structure is arranged on the side of the drawer, the installation is simpler, and the space is saved. A good quality steel ball slide rail can ensure the smooth sliding and large load bearing, and the slide rail has the functions of buffering, closing or pressing, rebounding and opening. In modern furniture, the steel ball slide rail is gradually replacing the roller type slide rail, becoming the main force of the modern furniture slide rail.
This kind of slide appears for a long time, for the first generation of mute drawer slide, since 2005, in the new generation of furniture, it has been gradually replaced by the steel ball slide rail. The wheel rail structure is relatively simple, consisting of a pulley, two tracks, can deal with the push and pull of daily needs, but the gravity is poor, do not have the function of buffering and rebounding, and commonly used computer keyboard drawer, drawer light.

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