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What Color Rug Would Look Good?

I am painting my room a pale orange, and it has bright yellow accents. What color rug would look really good? I can't do white because it would look too dirty. Thanks!


Hi Claire, In choosing a Rug which lasts approx 10 years or more I would suggest that in this case you choose a neutral color. I realize many may think that Tan, Taupe or Light Gray. are a safe choice and so basic. But with that said Carpeting can expensive. Changing the Wall Paint is far more cost effective. In the future, you may decide to use another wall color paint in the room. Tan, Taupe or Light Grey would be my thoughts for you ! * All of the above mentioned colors come in a variety of many shades. I also suggest taking a Paint chip with you to the store for comparisons if you are concerned. Tan/Taupe will provide an earthy color to the room, while Gray colors are visually cool color. Happy Decorating !

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