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What is a fire fighter's jacket made of?

What materials are in a fire fighter's jacket and is this material used in any other clothing?If it is different in different cities, any Canadian or American cities would be greatPlease include a source


go and just search, seafoam car. theres tons of videos of people doing it, but the most common is, 1/3 in the gas tank, 1/3 in your intake by pulling one of your rubber hoses on the intake manifold and sticking it in the can and itll suck it up, then the rest in your oil. besure you pick a vacuum hose to suck up your seafoam, if you think youll mess it up, put some in a spray bottle and spray it in the throttle body
I think Marineland has some but i am not sure. I know that they are usually extremely expensive.
Keeping your FW plants under the intense lighting generated by Reef Tank Lighting should be fine. If you find that the plants begin to brown out, you can shorten the time you have the lights running, and/or raise the light fixture higher above the water surface. The number of watts per gallon is no longer a valid method for determining the amount of light needed for your tank. With the introduction of high quality bulbs, super reflective material used for T5 and MH reflectors and the efficient PAR readings from LED lighting, the old standard of 3w-5w per gallon for a FW tank no longer holds true. Here are some good fixtures for your needs. You didn't mention what dimensions your tank is, so I couldn't be more specific with regards to the fixture length. Nevertheless, these fixtures are all good: Sunlight Supply TEK T5 Light Ecoxotic LED Panorama Lights Coralife Power Compact 6700k Using the appropriate bulbs for your fixture is the most critical decision. If you use a bulb above 12k I think it'll be too far in the blue range to offer your plants the required spectrum they need. Hope this helps, swimmer

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