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What is the name of this Chevrolet part?!?!?

I am looking to replace the protective cap for the spare tire lock (that sits on the back bumper) but I cannot Google the part for the life of me. Is it really a spare tire lock cap? And if it is, where the heck can I find the thing? I'll be calling the dealer tomorrow, but I'd much rather order it online? Thank you.


Now he'll have to watch what he says even among friends.
Smoke detectors are required to be on their own circuit and have been for many, many years. Gently wiggle the plug connector to remove it and then change the battery. Use a sharpie to put the date of installation on it. Personally I change the batteries in my Detectors, Door Bell, TV Remotes, Alarm clocks, Meters, etc. etc. every year in the first week of June. (I picked June so as to move the expense to a month that typically didn't involve a holiday, birthday or such.)

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