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What is wrong with my brakes on my 92 Thunderbird SC?

To start with, the brake system is not the same on any other car so I need someone who knows about the trevis iii brake system WITH ABS.When I got the car the back brakes did not work but the front worked very well. The electric pump was bad so I changed that. The problem I am having is that I am not getting fluid from the master to the back brakes. I was told that there may be air in the master and that would make my brake spungie. this is not the case. My brake peddle is very hard. I can push it to the floor if I push vary hard but i still do not have fluid coming out of the master for the back brakes. I can not get a new master. but I have a second master I can pull parts from. (This master will not work due to a striped thread.) So if I pull them both apart can I make one good master? I have herd of people changing from the abs to non/abs. would that work better? Or is this normal if there is air in the master and I should just try to bleed it?


Could be several things. Not trying to be a smart alec but take it to a brake professional. Your safety and the safety of others are at risk if my answer or any other is wrong. The money is not worth the risk.
May 28, 2018
As an alternative. If you need to replace a half shaft or CV boots, you can jack the side of the car up and fill it through the axle hole with the appropriate amount of ATF. That's how I've done my '93 twice since the shafts needed service.
May 28, 2018
a manual transmission does not use transmission fluid. It uses oil of the viscosity the manufacturer says to use. You should have a drain plug and a fill plug on the tranny case.
May 28, 2018

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